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Models: PV-2, PV-2C, PV-2D, PV-2T
Name: Harpoon
Type: Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Origin: Lockheed
Crew: 4-5
– Pilot
– Co-Pilot/Navigator,
– Radar Operator/Tunnel Gunner
– Turret Gunner
– Radio Operator
First Flight: -
Service Delivery: -
Final Delivery: -
Production: 469

Model: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-31
Type: 18-Cylinder Twin Row Radial Engine
Number: Two       Horsepower: 2000 hp

Wing Span: 75 ft. (22.86m)
Length: 51 ft. 1 in.
Height: 13 ft. 3 in.)
Wing Area: 686 sq. ft. (63.73m²)

Empty: N/A
Maximum: N.A

Max. Speed: 282mph at 13,900 ft.
Initial Climb: 0 ft/min (0 m/min)
Service Ceiling: 23,900 ft.
Combat Range: 1790 miles

9 .50 Caliber machine guns
   Ammunition: N/A

8 5-inch HVAR rockets on wing racks.

Bomb Load:
4,000 lbs of ordnance internally
Up to 2,000 of bombs on two underwing hardpoints

PV-2: Improved version of PV-1 Ventura with redesigned wing. the larger wing allowed for more fuel capacity and increased range. Tail unit was also redesigned. Leakage problems with the new wing tanks led to a further redesign applied to aircraft 31 and remaining production.

PV-2C: Designation of aircraft 1 through 30. The leakage problem was solved by sealing off the outer integral wing tanks. With the reduced range, these aircraft were allocated to training roles.

PV-2D: Improved PV-2 with armament revisions. 35 delivered before contract cancellation after VJ-day.

PV-2T: PV-2s with armament removed and used as trainers.

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