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Serial #: 49-3072
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model: T-6G
Name: None
Status: Restoration
Last info: 2001
Hoyette S. Hudson, Orlando, FL, 1963-1964.
- Registered as N2807G.
- Damaged in midair collision with Stearman/N105W, Feb. 26, 1965.
-- Landed at Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Troy W. Dodd, Chicago, IL, 1966.
Jaime Cervantes, Rockford, IL, 1968-1969.
Joseph Natoli, Nokesville, VA, 1976.
Jim Keen/Keenair Services Ltd, Speke UK, May 20, 1980-1986.
- Registered as G-BHTH.
- Shipped from US to Liverpool, Assembled at Speke, 1980.
- Flew as USN/SNJ-7/2807/V-103.
Bryn Rossiter, Wellesbourne Mountford, UK, Oct. 1986-1987.
A. Reynard, Booker, UK, Apr. 30, 1987-1991.
- Damaged during forced landing, Standrake, May 19, 1991.
- Damaged during wheels-up landing, Southampton, Dec. 30, 1991.
John Woodhouse, Thruxton, UK, 1992-2001.
- Crashed after overturning during landing, Bourne Park, Andover, Mar. 13, 1995.
Northbrook College, Shoreham, UK, 2001.
- Student restoration project.
Struck off civil registry, Apr. 12, 2001.

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