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Serial #: RCAF9767
Construction #: 21996
Civil Registry:
  Canso A
Name: None
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2004
Built by Boeing of Canada, Vancouver, BC.
Delivered to RCAF as RCAF9767.
- BOC: Mar. 4, 1943.
- SOC: Apr. 1, 1946.
- Allocated to 162 Squadron, March 1943.
- Sank U-342, Apr. 17, 1944.
-- Pilot: F/O T.C. Cooke.
Canadian Pacific Airlines, Vanccouver, BC, Apr. 1, 1946-1960.
- Registered as CF-CRR.
- Damaged during landing with nose wheel retracted, Torrence, BC, Apr. 23, 1959.
Northland Airlines Lt, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1960-1968.
Midwest Airlines Lt, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1969-1970.
Ilford Riverton Airways, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1973.
Avalon Aviation Ltd, Red Deer, Alberta, 1977-1979.
- Registered as C-FCRR.
- Flew as tanker #1 (later #791).
Avalon Aviation, Parry Sound, Ontario, 1979-1989.
- Damaged during water pick-up, Complex Lake, Sask, May 27, 1978.
-- Apparently the water scoop retracted improperly and too much water was taken aboard causing the A/C to stall on liftoff. The right wing impacted the water and was partially torn away. The A/C waterlooped and the nose gear door failed and the A/C begain to take on water, the A/C was immediately beached.
- Sank after crashing during water pick-up, Complex Lake, Sask, May 30, 1981.
- Salvaged and returned to service.
- Retired Parry Sound, Ontario, Feb. 28, 1988-1992.
Powell Corp, Parry Sound, Ontario, Feb. 21, 1995.
Canadian Air Legend, Parry Sound, Ontario, 1995.
Franklin Devaux/Flying Legends, France, Apr. 1995-2004.
- Operated by Enterprise Air Inc, Oshawa, Ontario.
- Used in monthly French TV wildlife show "Operation Kavango"
- Flew re-enactment flight France to Chile, Oct. 1998.
-- Flew as "Air France/Princess des Etoiles".
- Continued to Brazil, Canada, returned to France via Shannon, June 12, 1999.
- Based at Orly Airport, Paris, France.

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Alain Maire.
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