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Serial #: RCAF11054
Construction #: CV-357
Civilian Registration:
Model: PBV-1A
Name: None
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2002
Delivered to RCAF as RCAF11054.
- BOC: March 20, 1944.
- SOC: June 27, 1947.
Lee Crutchell, San Jose, Costa Rica, 1954-1955.
- Civil conversion by SALA, San Jose, Costa Rica, 1955.
Eastern Canada Stevedoring Co, Montreal, Quebec, July 1956-1960.
- Registered as CF-JCV.
Austin Airways, Toronto, Ontario, May 1960-1976.
Aero Trades Western Ltd, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Sept. 1976-1982.
- Registered as C-FJCV.
- Stored, Reno-Stead, NV, 1980-1982.
Air Caledonia, Vancouver, BC, Mar. 1982-1986.
The Catalina Safari Co, Solano, CA, 1987-1990.
- Used for Eastern African Tours, based in Cairo.
- Delivered from U.S.A. to Victoria Falls, Sept. 1988.
The Catalina Safari Co, Harare, Zimbabwe, July 1990-1992.
The Catalina Group, Auckland, New Zealand, 1994-2002.
- Registered as ZK-PBY, March, 1995.
- Flown as NZ4017/XX-T in No.6 SQN RNZAF scheme.

Chapman, John & Goodall, Geoff, Edited by Paul Coggan - Warbirds Directory,Warbirds Worldwide Ltd., Mansfield, England, 1989.
Photo Source(s):
Dave McDonald via Mike R. Henniger.