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PBY-5A/BuNo. 48406

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Bureau #: 48406
Construction #: 1768
Civil Registration:
Model: PBY-5A
Name: None
Status: Static Display
Last info: 1992
Thomas W. Kendall/Catalina Ltd., La Verne, CA, 1956-1978.
- Registered as 5590V.
- Leased to Catalina Enterprise, circa 1960.
-- Flown as "Tiare Tahiti".
- Open Storage, Can Nuys, CA, 1978-1986.
International Centre for Environmental Research, Wilmington, DE, 1984.
Thomas W. Kendall, Laguna Beach, CA, 1986.
San Diego Aerospace Museum, San Diego, CA, Jan. 1986-1992.
- Delivered by ir from Van Nuys to San Diego, Dec. 1986.
- Displayed on pole as USN/48406.