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PBY-5/BuNo. 33993

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Bureau #: 33993
Construction #: 1547
Civilian Registration:
Model: PBY-5A, OA-10A
  Steward-Davis Super Cat
Name: None
Status: Static Display
Last info: 1992
Delivered to USAAF as OA-10A as 43-43847.
Alaska Coastal Airlines Inc, Juneau, AK, 1954-1966.
- Registered as N4760C.
Alaska Airlines Inc, Seattle, WA, 1969.
Stan Burnstein, Tulsa, OK, 1972.
Lee Maples/Maples Aviation Co/Geoterrex, Vichy, MO, 1974-1984.
- Operated by Terra Surveys/Geoterrex, Ottawa, Ontario, 1982-1985.
- Crashed while making forced landing, Lynn, WI, Mar. 22, 1983.
Military Aircraft Restoration Corp, Chino, CA, 1987.
- Acquired damaged airframe.
USAFM, McChord AFB, WA, Dec. 1987-1992.
- Restored.
- Displayed as OA-10A/434033.