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PBY-5/BuNo. 08272

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Bureau #: 08272
Construction #: 1166
Civilian Registration:
Model: PBY-5A
Name: None
Status: Restoration
Last info: 1992
Delivered to RAAF as A24-46.
- BOC: ?.
- SOC: Mar. 1943.
C.K. Campbell, Sydney, NSW, Nov. 1947.
- Not converted.
- Broken-up RAAF Lake Boga, Victoria.
Pearce Dunn/Warbirds Aviation Museum, Mildura, Victoria, 1968-1989.
- Dismantled hulk recovered from farm, Lake Boga, Victoria.
John Bell/Whaling Museum, Albany, WA, 1989-1992.
- Static restoration using parts recovered from farms.