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PBY-5A/BuNo. 05021

Under Restoration.

Bureau #: 05021
Construction #: 110
Civil Registry:
Model(s): PBY-5A
Name: None
Status: Restoration
Last info: 2002
Registered as N33301 by ????, 19>>.
Also reported as NC18444.
Caribbean International Airways Ltd, Nassau, Aug. 1950.
- Registered as VP-BAR.
Caribbean International Airways Ltd, Kingston, Feb. 26, 1951.
- Registered as VP-JAU.
Eastern Provincial Airways Ltd, Halifax, NS, Nov. 1953-1957.
- Registered as CF-HFL.
- Forced landing after engine failure, Oct. 1, 1957.
-- Abandoned, near Goose Bay, Labrador.
Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, Halifax, NS, 1986-2002.
- Recovered complete, by Canadian Force CH-147 Chinook,
   Oct. 27, 1986.
- Under Restoration to Eastern Provincial Airlines configuration.

Immediately after recovery.

Chapman, John & Goodall, Geoff - Warbirds Directory,Warbirds Worldwide Ltd., Mansfield, England, 1989.
Gene Hamlilton
Photo Source(s):
Gene Hamilton
Steve Tournay.