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H-21 Shawnee/53-4326

Serial #: 53-4326
Construction #: -
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: Display
Last info: 2003

Delivered to USAF as 53-4326.
- BOC: Jan. 5, 1956.
- SOC: 1963
- Allocated to Middletown Air Materiel Area, Olmstead AFB, PA, Jan. 1956.
- Transferred to 6615th Air Transport (Medium) Squadron (Northeast Air Command), Goose AB Labrador, April 1956.
- Transferred to 6606th Air Base Wing (NEAC), Goose AB, Aug. 1956.
- Transferred to 22nd Helicopter Squadron (NEAC), Goose AB, Nov. 1956.
- Transferred to Strategic Air Command, Apr. 1957.
- Transferred to 814th Combat Support Group (SAC), Goose AB, Nov. 1959.
- Transferred to 1001st Air Base Wing (Headquarters Command, USAF), Andrews AFB, MD, Jan. 1960.
- Transferred to 1001st Helicopter Flight (HQC), Bolling AFB, DC, Aug. 1961.
- Transferred to 1001st Air Base Wing (HQC), Bolling AFB, DC, Apr. 1962.
- Transferred to 5010th Combat Support Group (Alaskan Air Command), Eielson AFB, AK, Sept. 1962.
Reported siezed by Riverside County Sheriff, Dept. 13, 1995.
- Alleged use by drug smugglers.

March Field Museum, Riverside, CA, 1991-2003.
- Donated by Riverside County Sheriff's Department and the City of Riverside Police Department.

Preserved US Military Aircraft.
March Field Museum
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