KC-97 Stratotanker/52-2718
"Angel Of Deliverence"

Serial #: 52-2718
Construction #: -
Civil Registration:
  KC-97G Stratotanker
  KC-97L Stratotanker
  C-97G Stratotanker
  Angel Of Deliverence
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2017

Manufactured by Boeing Aircraft Company, Seattle WA.
Delivered to USAF as 52-2718.
- BOC: April 27, 1954.
- SOC: July 1977
- Assigned to 98th Air Refueling (Medium) Squadron (SAC), Lincoln AFB, NE, Apr. 1954.
- Transferred to 96th Bombardment (M) Wing (SAC), Altus AFB, OK, Sep. 1954.
-- Deployments to Ernest Harmon AB, Newfoundland, Elmendorf AFB AK, and Mountain Home AFB ID.
- Transferred to 96th Air Refueling (M) Squadron (SAC), Altus AFB, OK, Sep. 1957 .
- Transferred to 97th air refueling (M) Squadron (SAC), Malmstrom AFB, MT, Jun. 1958.
- Transferred to 407th Air Refueling Squadron (SAC), Malmstrom AFB, MT, Feb. 1961.
- Transferred to 26th Air Refueling Squadron (SAC), Plattsburgh AFB, NY, Jul. 1961.
- Transferred to 4108th Air Refueling Wing (SAC), Plattsburgh AFB, NY, Feb. 1962.
- Transferred to 497th Air Refueling Wing (SAC), Plattsburgh AFB, NY, Jan. 1963.
- Transferred to 128th Air Refueling Wing (ANG), Gen. Billy Mitchell Field, Milwaukee, WI, Aug. 1964.
-- Converted to KC-97L, Aug. 1965 .
- Transferred to 151st air Refueling Group (ANG), Salt Lake City MAP, UT, Sep. 1972.
-- Deployments to Rhein Main AB, Frankfort, Germany, "Operation Creek Party".
- Delivered to Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center, Davis Monthan AFB AZ, Sep. 1976.
Civilian Owner, 1986.
- Acquired at auction.
- Converted to C-97G configuration.
-- refueling equipment removed and cargo floors installed.
Seized by U.S. Marshal Service, 1988
- Sold at Auction.

Grace Aire Inc, Corpus Christi, TX, 1988.
- Operated as a cargo transport for humanitarian missions to South America and to carry fish in Alaska.
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation, Farmingdale, NJ, April 22, 1996-2017.
- Registered as N117GA.
- Flown from Moses Lake, Washington to Greybull, WY for inspection and restoration, Oct. 1998.
- Aircraft painted in colors of YC-97A/45-59595, the sole C-97 used in the Berlin Airlift, 2000.
- Flown from Greybull, Wyoming to Aberdeen, SD, July 2001.
- Flown from Aberdeen SD to Millville, NJ, Nov. 2001.
- Flown to Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, NY, May 2002.

Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
Photo Source(s):
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
Pat Carry.