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Serial #: 41-9642
Construction #: 74-1876
Civil Registration:
  BT-13A Valiant
Name: None
Status: Restoration
Last info: 2011

Delivered to USAAF as 41-9642.
-BOC: Aug. 15, 1941.
-SOC: September 1944.
-Assigned to Army Air Force Basic Pilot Training School (Air Training Command) Gunter Field, Montgomery, AL, 1941.
-Transferred to to 75th Flying Training Detatchment (Contract Flying School, Basic) Riddle McKay Aero School, Clewiston, FL, September 1941.
--Used to train RAF cadets in the US.
--wrecked in taxiing accident, Riddle Field, Florida by LAC E. Chamberlain (RAF cadet). Total Time Since New: 81.2 hrs., Nov. 9, 1942.
-Transferred to Moody Field, Valdosta, GA, Nov. 1942.
-Transferred to Shaw Field, Sumter, SC, Jan. 1943.
-Transferred to 4117th AAF Base Unit (Air Technical Service Command) Robbins Field, CA, July 1944.
--Placed in storage for future use as technical training aid (but apparently not used).
-Sold for scrap by the Reconstructive Finance Corporation, Ponca City, OK, September 1944.
Eventually found it's way into the Walter Soplata Collection of Newberry, Ohio (date unknown).
Andy McQuire, Bon Accord, Alberta, Canada, June 21, 1989.
G&M Aircraft, Ltd., St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, Jan. 22, 1990.
-Placed in storage.
Dan Jones, Lacombe, Alberta, Oct. 2, 2000-2011.
-Restoration project to airworthy.
-Registration C-GSNV reserved.

The airplane was written off in a training accident in 1942 in Florida, then spent some 40 years as part of the Soplata Collection in Newberry, Ohio before I acquired it last year. The airplane will be rebuilt back to stock condition in it's original markings and be actively flown.

Dan Jones
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Dan Jones