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"Apache Princess"

Kermit Weeks and Apache Princess.

Serial #: 43-28059
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: Apache Princess
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2005
Delivered to USAAF as 43-28059, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1957-1958.
Blue Mountain Air Service, La Grande, OR, Sept. 10, 1958-1959.
- Registered as N9857C.
- Converted to air tanker, April, 1959.
-- Fitted with 1000 gallon tank.
Earl "Red" Dodge, Anchorage, AK, Dec. 1959-1970.
- Flew as tanker #4.
Edgar L. Thorsrud, Missoula, MT, July 1970-1979.
Max Power Inc, Carlsbad, CA, Dec. 1979-1980.
Holden Aviation Services, Lamont, Alberta, Sept. 1980-1981.
- Registered as C-GTTM.
Aero Trader, Borrego Springs, CA, May 1981.
- Registered as N26795.
Kermit Weeks/Weeks Air Museum, Tamiami, FL, May 1981.
Kermit A. Weeks/Fantasy Of Flight, Polk City, FL, July 1984-2005.
- Registered as N1943J.
- Rebuilt to flying condition by Aero Trader, Chino, CA, 1983-2000.
- First flight, Mar. 17, 2000.
- Flown as 152/Apache Princess.
Rear fuselage and parts of N9857C stored in Aero Trader's yard, Ocotillo Wells, CA, 2000.

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